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Training May 15, 2017


On a sailboat in the water

Had a great time down in Belize. Was down there in April for a family vacation and found the Belize sailing team. They wrote an article all about it here. Planning on doing a clinic down there in November this year! I can’t wait to go back there to train.  …

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Training January 23, 2017

Starts Tomorrow

World Sailing's USA 2017 World Cup Series

The regatta starts tomorrow. I am very excited to start racing. Been trying here for the past four days and ready for whatever Miami brings. The opening ceremony starts today at 6pm. Then the racing starts tomorrow at 12:40pm for my fleet in the Laser Radial. There is no split fleets this year. The sticker is on the boat, and ready to go! Cant wait to see what tomorrow bring me!…

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Training January 20, 2017

Miami 2017

I have been here in Miami Florida for the past two days. It is so warm compared to home. The wind has been kinda light about 5-10 knots and flat water. Yesterday I went sailing and got to sail with dolphins. They were swimming next to me, under my boat and jumping in and out of the water. It was an amazing experience to be able to see that. I am so honored to have this experience.…

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Training December 29, 2016

Photos from this last summer

I took my friend sailing this summer. I know its a long over due for theses photos but they are worth the wait! She is a great photographer and knows her angles. Thank you again Tessa Paukert for letting me use these photos.…

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Training October 3, 2016

Sailing Day 1 & 2

I have been sailing in Halifax Nova Scotia for the past two days. It has been just like home, rainy and cold. But I love it! The first day was kinda windy about 12-18 knots. Worked on up wind sailing, hiking hard, rounding buoys and practicing our “S” turns downwind.I didn’t go over that day, but my partner did. We didn’t go out for a long period of time because we got cold from the rain and wind. Overall that was a…

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Training September 28, 2016

Sailing in Halifax

I know I haven’t blogged a lot lately. I have been busy with work, staying fit and training at home. now I have left Seattle and I headed East to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I will be training here for about a week. One of my training partners lives here and is letting me stay/train with her. I will keep you updated on how my week goes. The wind, the weather and training. I am excited to train in a new…

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