Training October 3, 2016

Sailing Day 1 & 2

I have been sailing in Halifax Nova Scotia for the past two days. It has been just like home, rainy and cold. But I love it! The first day was kinda windy about 12-18 knots. Worked on up wind sailing, hiking hard, roundimg_3640ing buoys and practicing our “S” turns downwind.I didn’t go over that day, but my partner did. We didn’t go out for a long period of time because we got cold from the rain and wind. Overall that was a great day to start my training here!

My second day was a little light. What a difference in conditions. The sun was shining and it was way warmer. Today we had a coach out on the water to help us practice our tacks. We must have spent hours perfection a simple tack. Making sure I wasn’t to fast at the beginning  but enough heel to execrate the boat. I learned about how much the main sheet can play in a tack to increase the speed of it. My tacks have now become flawless. I can’t wait to bring what I learned from here home and use it at my next regatta.

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