Regattas April 8, 2019

Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofia

What an exciting and encouraging event. It was my first time In Palma Spain. Arrived a few days before the event started. Got some good days training with other sailors from around the world, Canada, Italy, Denmark, and many more.

Each day we had two races. The first day was tricky light wind and shifty. I have been practicing getting of the start line and it paid off. I’ve never felt more confident with my starts. But practicing one specific thing many times leads to other skills hit a pause. My tactics and strategies started to struggle. That did not stop me from sailing my best. I watched and took in as much information I could get from other sailors. The next day was much better placed a 20th in a race. With the wind coming from the sea breeze direction (South). We only had two days of qualifier for Gold and Silver fleet. Sadly I didn’t qualify for Gold. I still sailed silver as I was sailing for Gold.

Going into the event I had expectations. I didn’t meet them either. I was disappointed in how I placed in the event. But I have seen my weakness and how I can improve them. Which is a step in the right direction. Just like how my starts were weak I focused on them and improved.

This week I am in Italy training then competing for the World Cup Series 3 in Genoa. Each day sailing I have three things to work on. This gives me direction and a target for my day so it’s not wasted.

Wish me lucky!

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